Welcome to St. Matthews, our website at least. We are a family of believers, grounded in, growing in and reaching out in Christ.

As the pastor of St. Matthews, I want to thank you for taking the time and having the interest to visit our website and discover all that Christ is doing here. I hope that you find what you are looking for, from worship, education, activities, and much more. 

More importantly, I hope that you find Christ’s love, grace and forgiveness at St. Matthews. As the ‘new guy’ here, I can tell you St. Matthews is a great church, a great community, a family. We are certainly not perfect, but our Savior, Jesus, is. His love and forgiveness for you is perfect and complete. He is the one that saves you. So, if all that you find is an informative and attention grabbing website, if all that you find at our church is friendly, welcoming people, we have fallen short. You need Jesus!

If you are not a member of St. Matthews, I encourage you to join us in person. God chooses to come to and redeem you through His Word and Sacraments which he gives to people through ‘the church.’ So, as we gather together, Jesus is here! 

We invite you to join us in receiving Christ’s gifts and pray that God’s house might become your home. We stand ready to assist you, pray for you and hopefully to become your Christian family.

   At St. Matthews, we worship with traditional, contemporary and blended services. In worship,     

  • We PREPARE by confession our sins and God forgiving our sins.
  • We RECEIVE the Lord through scripture readings, a sermon and Jesus' very body and blood for the forgiveness of sins and strengthening of faith in the Lord’s Supper.
  • We RESPOND to the Lord with our gifts, offerings, prayers and praise.

Please join us! There are so many ways and opportunities for you to experience the love and grace of God at St Matthews!

If you have any questions, please call the church office at (218) 879-3510 or, better yet, stop in and visit. I’d love to see you!

In Christ, Pastor Marty Mably