Our Members
We are…
...a congregation of young and old, single, married, and widowed.... Many members have lived in the Esko/Cloquet/Carlton area since birth, others of us have recently moved into the community.
...Some of us have been Christians all our lives, while for others of us, Christianity is a new thing.
...Some of us work construction, electrical, or plumbing. Others of us are merchants, managers, and owners of businesses. Still others of us teach or farm or work at home.
Mostly we are...
...A family of believers who have been drawn together by Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
...We are "down-to-earth," and accepting of each other because we know the Lord is so accepting and forgiving of us.
...We give genuine, heartfelt care to each other in painful and difficult times, and we have fun and celebrate with one another in times of joy.